“Yesterday you said tomorrow”. You know that feeling when you don’t really want to do something. So, inevitably you put it off and say you’ll do it later. Or tomorrow. But then it doesn’t happen. Taking accountability for your actions is how you can overcome this procrastination.

INTEGRITY is such a valuable quality that I take pride in, as it’s important to do what you said you’ll do, when you said you’ll do it (phew, that was a mouthful!) No one feels the disappointment like you do, when you didn’t get that ‘thing’ done that you said you would do. On top of that, it kind of feels embarrassing if this happens to be an old pattern #awkward. BUT, I’m here to tell you it’s oooook! These things happen – life happens – and there’s no better time than NOW to get things rolling, whatever that may be.

“BUT WAIT… it’s not perfect. I can’t possibly finish it unless it’s PERFECT!” Guess what, perfection doesn’t exist in that capacity. Determine the difference between perfection and procrastination with a little thing I like to call ACCOUNTABILITY. And then I bet you’ll see things a little differently.

Here are my tips on how to stay accountable.

1. Lean In

Ask a friend or something you trust to be your accountability partner. This will help keep you in check and moving forward to achieving your goals. It’s equally helpful to stay accountable if you both want something out it in the end!

2. Be Realistic

Being realistic with what you’re setting to achieve is essential when you want to stay accountable to your task. This way. you can track your profess each week and celebrate your wins!

3. Focus

It’s amazing what you can get done without any distractions. Am I right?! Stay accountable to your goals by focusing on the task at hand and work through it.



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