If there’s one thing that I have learnt from working within the big bad world of design and branding, it is that creating consistent, engaging content takes time and patience.

I spent the best part of my 20’s (and 30’s!) working on branding, design and product photography before eventually diving headfirst down the rabbit hole of what kind of content consumers want to see from a brand. (and yes, I totally felt like Alice in Wonderland, content creation was a whole new world to me!)

I’ve met many people along the way who ask “but WHY does content matter? If you’ve got a strong brand then surely that is enough?” And sure – there may be some truth behind that statement. HOWEVER, you wouldn’t open a brand new store, fill it with beautiful clothes and items and then not show anyone. Right?

Well, creating content for a brand is the same.

Why go to all this trouble putting together your dream business, only to snap sub-par iPhone pictures and post every other day?
Content creation is strategic, it’s creative – and it’s a skill that Saevil Row has been perfecting for years!

I’m going to share with you my secrets into creating engaging content that benefits your business rather than hindering it. Creating on-brand content will do nothing short of propelling your brand forward, and it will gain you some serious brand envy amongst your audience!

No thanks to the universal explosion of this beautiful little game-changer that is the internet, we’re able to tap into much larger audiences than say, 20 years ago. Understandably, with this incredible new platform came an increase in competition. And an ever-increasing need to up our game and constantly be conceptualising new ways to be seen.

Don’t worry – It’s not all doom and gloom!

No thanks to the social media-savvy, thumb tapping youth of today, we’re about to create content that has the ability to circulate and go viral quicker than we can say: “Ugh Instagram’s algorithm changed again”.

Brand loyalty has become more and more sought after due to the increase in oversaturated markets. By having an engaged audience, we can seek confidence that our viewers are more likely to double-tap whatever curated content we put out there.

When there is rosé involved, you know we mean business!


My Grandma had a favourite saying when we were growing up. She loved to “stop and have a garn”. And bless her knee-high compression socks – she was bang on with that expression. When connecting with our audience, it’s a no brainer that we want to be sold a lifestyle. Not just an item.

An excellent example of this is food bloggers.

Food bloggers have the power to take you on a visual journey through words. Remember that cooking class they took in Vietnam in 2005 in a little kitchen that overlooked the Mekong River? And the fresh coriander that they picked from their hosts’ garden to create an authentic, EPIC Bahn Mi?
Well, hats off to them – they really are the OG winners when it comes to selling a product through a story.

By creating a scene, a memory and a story, food bloggers are more than capable of convincing their reader that YES, they SHOULD spend $50 at Harris Farms on organic grass-fed beef just so they can make the best Bahn Mi you’ve ever eaten. (I bet I’ve got you thinking about Bahn Mi now, hey? – My point exactly)

By educating your readers on the story behind your product or idea, and letting them in on the journey behind WHY you created that product is an organic, effective way to build your audience’s trust and brand appreciation.


Before you sit down to write anything, shoot anything, or create anything, have a little think to yourself if your content is relevant or necessary? Does it solve your audience’s problem, and will they benefit from seeing your work? Does the content that you’re about to produce offer something new and exciting? Or is it over-exhausted, ‘just getting it out there for the sake of it’ kind of content?

Really understanding the purpose of the content that you’re producing, and having clear intentions on what you want to achieve is SUPER important.
As Missy Elliot so wisely advised us in the early ’00s…..”let me work it, is it worth it?”

If you’re looking for that extra helping hand with your brand’s vision, we would love to discuss how we can offer our services.


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