You’re a business that needs a cohesive look + feel throughout your brand, which goes beyond a logo.

This hands-on process is designed to create results. We start by getting to know your brand’s vision and mission in a quick questionnaire, which helps to establish the direction we take the creative.

We create a mood board, as it’s the best way to visually represent what we want people to feel when they interact with your brand and from there, the fun begins. We create unique logo concepts to define the brand and pair it with a consistent colour and font palette. We package this up in an extensive Brand Guidelines document, which tells the story of your brand and is most useful when you have a team working on any branded material.

As an added bonus, we provide a full suite of designed stationery and custom Canva templates, so you can weave in your new brand cohesively across your social channels. Consider it your one-stop-shop to creating a beautiful brand worth sharing.


01. Initial strategy
Whether you’re local or abroad, we’ll meet face-to-face (thank you, video chat) and get down to biz on mapping out your brand. This includes going through your business goals, target market and other essential deets.

02. Creative Concepts
We dive headfirst into creating a unique and tailored mood board, to evoke the creative direction we’ll take your brand. These include images, textures and graphics, which allows us to illustrate the tone and style of the logos we’ll create. We then design 4 distinct logo concepts for each option, complete with a suggested colour palette and in-sitchu mockups, so you can visualize your brand coming to life.

Once we present the concepts, you’ll have 3 rounds of revisions to fine-tune the direction of your choice. As soon as you’re over-the-moon with your new brand, we prep all the final files for you and package them up in a pretty little brand guidelines document for you to keep.

03. Marketing Collateral
Letting your new brand take center stage, we design custom marketing and social media collateral, as part of the branding package. This includes (but not limited to) business cards, note cards, letterhead, email signatures and social media templates.

04. Brand Guidelines
Consider this the holy grail of your new brand. A detailed document that breaks down style, usage and guides you on what to use when and where.

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