Ready to turn your Insta-envy into Insta-enlightenment? There’s an app for that.

Hey clever pants. You know that a sexy (and strategic) Instagram account is the perfect way to attract new clients, build a meaningful relationship with your audience and position yourself as THE brand to be.

But nailing your perfect Instagram aesthetic? Getting on top of your scheduling? Curating the perfect feed? And channelling your creativity into original stories and posts? Yeah, it can definitely be tricky.

But luckily, technology – and awesome apps – are making it easier for us to craft gorgeous and compelling Instagram feeds. Hurrah!

In today’s post, I’m sharing some of my favourite apps. Saevil Row used and approved, gorgeous. Here we go …


An app for … the perfect edit: Snap Seed

Snap Seed is the holy grail of editing apps. You can control the brightness in selected areas by using the brush tool, plus use a ton more edits for the perfect Insta worthy shot. This is how I get the perfect instagram grid, by being consistent with my colours. Check out how I edit my photos in this vid below!


An app for … never missing a post: Planoly.

Tired of having to create and post new content every single day? Bulk it, baby! By using Planoly you can create and plan content in advance. The app cleverly gives you a full insight and overview for easy curation. This way you can see what works well beside an image and ensure it fits with your brand. It’s a quick and easy way to get that perfect instagram flow, by planning ahead.


An app for … taking your creativity to the next level: Unfold.

Awesome photos are more than just a point and shoot practice. Which is why I’m so glad I found Unfold! This app has a variety of photo templates that help you unleash your creativity with your stories. You can choose different layouts for that perfect instagram feed or story, to switch things up!

How about you? What are your fave iPhone apps for a perfect Instagram? Drop a comment to share the love!


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