Have you ever considered hiring a professional photographer for your business but was too afraid of thinking what that might do to your bank account? I’m sure some of you might be seeing dollar signs right now, but I want to shed some insight on the importance of hiring a professional and how you can make it worth every.single.cent.

Let’s say you’re launching a website and need some lifestyle and product shots done. Sure, you can ask your sig. other to follow you around for the day, snapping away on the newest iPhone. But I can probably guess there will many factors that get in your way of that perfect shot. A professional photographer understands the way light, shadows and speed all come into play to nail that photo you’ve dreamed of. So not only that, their ability to get creative with angles, objects and composition is a true talent. Plus, imagine all the new profile pictures you’d be able to get from it! 😉

Make these photos work for you. Let your photographer know that you would like some additional creative shots to use for your Instagram or Facebook. That way, you’re actually getting more content than you originally thought. Not sure how to get creative with crops? I’ll show you how to get 3 images out of 1 single image for Instagram.
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*HOT TIP: Depending on the photographer, you might consider a mutual trade for services. When I first launched Saevil Row, I had my dear friend Katie Donnelly shoot my site and in exchange I designed all the assets for her re-brand. 


Ever wonder how some of your fave Instagram accounts seem to have ENDLESS amount of content? If you look closely, you’ll be surprised to know they often repurpose imagery with slightly different crops or adjusted angles. Look to how you can take an original photo and crop into it for those detailed shots.

That’s exactly what I did here for my client Caroline Furs, shot by the incredibly talented Bettina Bogar in Toronto. For this shot, I got 3 additional photos out of it – BOOM! Caroline Furs loves to showcase the detail in their products. So, images 1 + 3 are perfect for that, while image 2 is a tighter crop that can be used separate from the original image.

Pretty cool, huh?


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