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  • How to make your social festive season friendly

    “Hark!” the herald angels sing. “Glory to that beautiful festive season-friendly social media grid!”… Or something like that. ‘Cos after I’m done with you, Christmas Carols are definitely going to be sung in your honour! Or sung in your social media grids honour, at least.

    Who here is a little Christmas crazy? (I have both hands up, by the way.) I LOVE decorating for the festive season, listening to my fave NSYNC Christmas album and this year I’m back home in Toronto, so I have my fingers crossed for a white Christmas.

    There are plenty of ways to imbue the Christmas magic … Read More

  • The science and strategy behind a successful brand

    How to understand your target market and tailor your brand to attract and appeal to them.
    “The moment I locked eyes on them, I knew they were the one.”

    It’s the love story we’ve heard over and over again. Sure, mostly in romantic comedies featured beautiful blondes and tall, dark and handsome men. And yep, it’s definitely a little cheesy.

    (But the kind of cheese that deserves to be smothered over popcorn. #cheesypopcorn #getinmybelly)

    But what if this wasn’t a story about girl-meets-boy but girl-meets-brand?

    And what if it wasn’t a story, but it was reality. Your reality.

    Think about it. Your business can be that … Read More

  • Saevil Row approved iPhone apps to cultivate the perfect Instagram

    Ready to turn your Insta-envy into Insta-enlightenment? There’s an app for that.
    Hey clever pants. You know that a sexy (and strategic) Instagram account is the perfect way to attract new clients, build a meaningful relationship with your audience and position yourself as THE brand to be.

    But nailing your perfect Instagram aesthetic? Getting on top of your scheduling? Curating the perfect feed? And channelling your creativity into original stories and posts? Yeah, it can definitely be tricky.

    But luckily, technology – and awesome apps – are making it easier for us to craft gorgeous and compelling Instagram feeds. Hurrah!

    In today’s post, I’m … Read More

  • Why you need to stop worrying about your competition

    (…  Because I’m totally gonna show you the secret to attracting your dream customers #nomatterwhat)

    It’s 8pm on a Thursday night and you’re rugged up in your comfiest pjs. The TV is on, your phone is in your hand and you’re being social. In a modern way. Which is to say … you’re insta-stalking, friends, family and strangers alike.

    All is well in the world. Until …

    *Cue suspenseful horror music.*

    … You stumble across literally THE prettiest freaking Instagram page you’ve ever seen. Which should be a good thing, right? Yay for pretty. Except, well, they offer a very, – gulp –  very … Read More

  • How to make your brand feel like you

    Remember the last time you fell for someone? Whether it be romantically or platonically, the moment you know somebody is going to be a part of your life has a very special feeling to it.

    You were probably a little giddy. Maybe the happy host of some belly-tickling butterflies. Possibly even sporting a slightly goofy grin. But most of all, you were excited about the future. About your future together.

    This feeling is exactly the kind I aim to provoke with my branding services at Saevil Row. And I do it by harnessing one simple, yet profoundly effective, trade secret.

    Want to know … Read More

  • Five things start-ups need to succeed

    You’ve heard the (nausea-inducing) stats about start-up fails. But for every tale of entrepreneurial woe, there’s another happy story of a start-up hero. Which, let’s face it, is what you’re destined to be.

    (It’s fate.)

    And to help you pave the path for start-up success, I’ve condensed 3 years of business expertise as the founder and creator of my own start-up (working with genius start-ups from all across the globe) into a simple strategy for start-up success.

    Obviously, these tips won’t cover errthing (ha, I wish!), but they’ll give you a good head start on that Forbes feature you’ve been eyeing up.

    Ready for … Read More

  • Yesterday you said Tomorrow

    “Yesterday you said tomorrow”. You know that feeling when you don’t really want to do something. So, inevitably you put it off and say you’ll do it later. Or tomorrow. But then it doesn’t happen. Taking accountability for your actions is how you can overcome this procrastination.

    INTEGRITY is such a valuable quality that I take pride in, as it’s important to do what you said you’ll do, when you said you’ll do it (phew, that was a mouthful!) No one feels the disappointment like you do, when you didn’t get that ‘thing’ done that you said you would do. On top … Read More

  • Self Doubt is Life Threatening

    OK, maybe I’m being a little dramatic, but seriously, there’s literally nothing worse than self doubt and its’ limiting capabilities. You’re basically standing in the way of yourself… which kind of makes no sense anyway, right? We often make up all these excuses as to why we can’t do something for fear of failing or looking bad in the process. Trust me, I’ve totally been there, too.

    Enter one of my fave quotes: “Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will.”

    And it’s just like that – the fear of going after what you really want, stops you from going after that thing … Read More


    I’ve always been someone who’s drawn to colours because of the way they make me feel. For as long as I could remember, the colour of my rooms growing up were painted yellow – year after year. There was something about that ‘happy’ colour that made me feel at ease, yet full of life and creativity. I would soon learn there was a reason behind that.

    Enter Colour Psychology.

    DID YOU KNOW: Colours have their own personalities. Weird, right? But when you pair everything down, it actually makes a lot of sense. We gravitate towards people for their fun-loving, approachable or structured … Read More


    People Pleaser.

    Look, I’m not calling anyone names here, I’m just saying it. Do you ever feel like you’re literally burning the candle at both ends, trying to balance everything? Maybe you’ve said ‘yes’ to a few more things than there are hours in a day, for fear of displeasing someone. Maybe that’s a friend, a client or a boss. We’ve all been there and I’ll be the first to raise my hand. Because lately, that’s been me! Two weeks ago I came back home to Toronto as part of the next 5 months away from Sydney (read: Summer chasing) and … Read More


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