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  • How to Create a Social Media Strategy that Sells

    Hey, it’s Stevie here from Stevie Says Social! Want to know how to create a killer social media strategy that builds your followers, your business and your bank account?

    Of course you do.

    Because truthbomb: Crossing your fingers and hoping for the best isn’t a social media strategy. And yet, it’s the approach that many small businesses take to their socials.

    If this approach sounds familiar, it’s time to change things up and start seeing some REAL results.

    Here are the six steps that you NEED to follow to create a social media strategy that sells.

    You can thank me later … Read More

  • Transform your website makeover from boring to brilliant

    Does your website make them swoon … or snooze? Standing out and being the business, brand and website your dream customers choose over aaalll of the others isn’t about doing big, bold things.
    As a web designer, it’s my job to create websites your target market love hanging out in. Because that’s what this whole world wide web is for, right?
    With over a decade of editorial and lifestyle design experience behind me, I have a passion for creating designs without boundaries. 
    My specialty? Translating my client’s visions into purposeful and thought-provoking visuals with the innate ability to awaken an emotional response … Read More

  • The truth about following design trends

    When it comes to attracting your dream customers, it’s only natural to want to be seen as cool. After all, nobody wants to be the uncool brand. And to be cool, you’ve got to do what’s ‘in’, right? But how far do you take it? I’m talking about the main pro/con of styling and following design trends when it comes to your business. 

    Pros: You’ll seem fresh and modern.
    Which is good … isn’t it?
    Well yes, and no.
    As a brand designer, I know that design trends come and go. They’re seasonal, like fashion, which aren’t intended to last forever.
    (Can … Read More

  • 7 ways to connect with your dream target audience

    Searching for the secret to entrepreneurial irresistibility? Stop searching, babe, I’ve got it right here! And it is …
    Yep! When you’re focused on building a relationship with your target audience (aka the peeps you would LOVE to work with!), because then you instantly elevate your irresistibility and become a beacon for them.
    But how do you connect and build a relationship with your target audience?
    Yay – that’s something I can help you with too!
    Today, I’m sharing my tried-and-tested methods for cultivating a bond with your dream target audience.
    Let’s dive in.

    1. Know thy dream customers.
    I believe there should … Read More

  • How to create a captivating Brand Personality

    Mirror, mirror, on the bathroom wall … who has the most captivating brand personality of all? “Why you do, beautiful business owner!” Your magic mirror coos. “Or you will, once you’re done reading Saevil Row’s article.”
    Because beauty is great. But beauty AND brains? Phwoar. Now that’s a combination that’s going to help your success soar.
    And being the biz with beauty and brains comes back to brand personality. One of the biggest elements that’s overlooked when creating a business.
    Not because it’s not important. It is. Massively. But because many business owners don’t understand why it’s so vital to their success.

    But a … Read More

  • My Top 3 Business Productivity Apps

    Well, well, well, January, we meet again. Are you someone who’s ready to turn over this new leaf when the clock stroke 12:01 on New Years Day? Or are you someone that wants to crawl back into 2018 and hibernate a little while longer? Whatever it is you’re feeling, I want to make sure you’re fully equipped for the big ‘19 with my 3 favourite productivity apps.

    There’s a few hidden gems that I’m going to share with you today. Seriously, I wish someone would have forced this on me sooner – hindsight, right? The key to productivity apps though, is that … Read More

  • How To Prepare your brand for the New Year

    If I had a dollar for every time somebody has told me recently, “I don’t know where this year went!” … well, I think you where I’m going with this.
    The reality that this year is almost over and a new one is already on its way leaves me thinking where do I begin? Who else is feeling just a little overwhelmed and a whole lot unprepared?
    But amidst the Christmas parties, gift shopping and tree decorating, now is actually the perfect time to prepare your business and brand for an incredible new year.
    Yep! While the year is slowing down, it’s a … Read More

  • How to make your social festive season friendly

    “Hark!” the herald angels sing. “Glory to that beautiful festive season-friendly social media grid!”… Or something like that. ‘Cos after I’m done with you, Christmas Carols are definitely going to be sung in your honour! Or sung in your social media grids honour, at least.

    Who here is a little Christmas crazy? (I have both hands up, by the way.) I LOVE decorating for the festive season, listening to my fave NSYNC Christmas album and this year I’m back home in Toronto, so I have my fingers crossed for a white Christmas.

    There are plenty of ways to imbue the Christmas magic … Read More

  • The science and strategy behind a successful brand

    How to understand your target market and tailor your brand to attract and appeal to them.
    “The moment I locked eyes on them, I knew they were the one.”

    It’s the love story we’ve heard over and over again. Sure, mostly in romantic comedies featured beautiful blondes and tall, dark and handsome men. And yep, it’s definitely a little cheesy.

    (But the kind of cheese that deserves to be smothered over popcorn. #cheesypopcorn #getinmybelly)

    But what if this wasn’t a story about girl-meets-boy but girl-meets-brand?

    And what if it wasn’t a story, but it was reality. Your reality.

    Think about it. Your business can be that … Read More

  • Saevil Row approved iPhone apps to cultivate the perfect Instagram

    Ready to turn your Insta-envy into Insta-enlightenment? There’s an app for that.
    Hey clever pants. You know that a sexy (and strategic) Instagram account is the perfect way to attract new clients, build a meaningful relationship with your audience and position yourself as THE brand to be.

    But nailing your perfect Instagram aesthetic? Getting on top of your scheduling? Curating the perfect feed? And channelling your creativity into original stories and posts? Yeah, it can definitely be tricky.

    But luckily, technology – and awesome apps – are making it easier for us to craft gorgeous and compelling Instagram feeds. Hurrah!

    In today’s post, I’m … Read More


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