• Attract your dream customers without spending a cent

    An inbox overflowing with eager customers ready to work with your fine self? Tick. A happily plump calendar filled with projects you’re passionate about? Tick. And a business that effortlessly rakes in the dough?  Triple check. Can you even imagine?!

    What if you could attract consistent and sustainable sales and customers? What if there weren’t … Read More

  • The Importance of Creating Consistent Content For A Brand

    If there’s one thing that I have learnt from working within the big bad world of design and branding, it is that creating consistent, engaging content takes time and patience.

    I spent the best part of my 20’s (and 30’s!) working on branding, design and product photography before eventually diving headfirst down the rabbit hole of what kind of co … Read More

  • What Is A Brand Strategy And Why Do You Need One

    We’ve all heard the term and we all understand that a brand is a business; the name of which is the all-encompassing thing that IS a business, but when you strip back the fancy lingo,  it’s important to understand the real meaning behind branding and its actual purposes – leading with a brand strategy.

    So, what is branding? Branding i … Read More

  • Transform your website makeover from boring to brilliant

    Does your website make them swoon … or snooze? Standing out and being the business, brand and website your dream customers choose over aaalll of the others isn’t about doing big, bold things.
    As a web designer, it’s my job to create websites your target market love hanging out in. Because that’s what this whole world wide web is for, right?
    With … Read More

  • The truth about following design trends

    When it comes to attracting your dream customers, it’s only natural to want to be seen as cool. After all, nobody wants to be the uncool brand. And to be cool, you’ve got to do what’s ‘in’, right? But how far do you take it? I’m talking about the main pro/con of styling and following design trends when it comes to your business. 

    Pros: You’ll se … Read More

  • How to create a captivating Brand Personality

    Mirror, mirror, on the bathroom wall … who has the most captivating brand personality of all? “Why you do, beautiful business owner!” Your magic mirror coos. “Or you will, once you’re done reading Saevil Row’s article.”
    Because beauty is great. But beauty AND brains? Phwoar. Now that’s a combination that’s going to help your success soar.
    And bei … Read More

  • Why you need to stop worrying about your competition

    (…  Because I’m totally gonna show you the secret to attracting your dream customers #nomatterwhat)

    It’s 8pm on a Thursday night and you’re rugged up in your comfiest pjs. The TV is on, your phone is in your hand and you’re being social. In a modern way. Which is to say … you’re insta-stalking, friends, family and strangers alike.

    All is well … Read More

  • How to make your brand feel like you

    Remember the last time you fell for someone? Whether it be romantically or platonically, the moment you know somebody is going to be a part of your life has a very special feeling to it.

    You were probably a little giddy. Maybe the happy host of some belly-tickling butterflies. Possibly even sporting a slightly goofy grin. But most of all, you we … Read More


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