I’ve always been someone who’s drawn to colours because of the way they make me feel. For as long as I could remember, the colour of my rooms growing up were painted yellow – year after year. There was something about that ‘happy’ colour that made me feel at ease, yet full of life and creativity. I would soon learn there was a reason behind that.

Enter Colour Psychology.

DID YOU KNOW: Colours have their own personalities. Weird, right? But when you pair everything down, it actually makes a lot of sense. We gravitate towards people for their fun-loving, approachable or structured way of being, so gravitating towards colour for the way it makes us feel is no different. That’s why it’s essential to consider those characteristics when choosing a colour for your brand and business.

Creating a colour palette for your business is a vital component in the branding process. Once you’ve decided on the tone and personality of your brand, you can match them up with colours that will connect with your audience on a whole other level – one that resonates with them for colourful reasons they may not realize.

Let’s take a look at how some of these characteristics relate to different colours. Have any questions? Comment below and I’ll be happy to answer them.


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